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Sanctuary in Miechow - Basilica of the Tomb of Christ

Sanctuary in Miechow - Basilica of the Tomb of Christ

Brothers of the Sepulchre were brought to Poland in 1163 by Jaksa of the Gryfit family. In the 15th century (1483 - 1489) the order was dissolved in most of the European countries and its belongings were handed over to the Knights Hospitaller. Despite that fact, the order was still prosperous in Poland and the monastery in Miechow became its central convent and a residence for the brother superior. The present church was built between the year 1233 and 1293 and rebuilt between 1394 and 1410. It is a stone, gothic church with romanesque pieces, rebuilt in the late baroque style and consecrated in 1802.

The Tomb of Christ is located in the monastery's chapel. Tombs were always present in churches built by the Order. The one in Miechow was built on a piece of soil brought from Jerusalem. To make the whole tomb more authentic, a stone from the original tomb of Christ in Jerusalem was put in one of the walls.

The chapel was built during the renovation of the church after the fire in 1530.

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