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Pilgrim routes in Krakow

Saint Stanislaw's Route

Kościół Bożego Ciała

Saint Stanislaw's route includes places connected with St. Stanislaw, the patron of Krakow and Poland who, in 1709, died a martyr's death in the Skalka church by the hands of the king Boleslaw the Brave.

The Route begins in the Archicathedral Basilica on the Wawel Hill, where the relics of St. Stanislaw can be found. From there it leads through the baroque Bernardines' church, the Missionaries' church, gothic church of St. Catherine, the Skałka church, where the crypt of those who had served the country well is located. St. Stanislaw's route ends in the heart of the former Jewish district Kazimierz, where the Corpus Christi Church is located.

Sanktuarium Bożego Miłosierdzia w Łagiewnikach Serwis dla grup pielgrzymkowych. A w nim: o Sanktuarium Bożego Miłosierdzia w Łagiewnikach, o Krakowie oraz nasza oferta turystyczna: noclegi, posiłki i przewodnicy. Tu znajdziesz informacje niezbędne do organizacji pielgrzymki.
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