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Archicathedral Basilica of Saint Stanislaw and Saint Waclaw on the Wawel Hill

Basilica, located on the Wawel Hill is called King's Cathedral because, since the 14th century, it has been the place for crowning of the kings of Poland, also becoming the place of their rest. The oldest cathedral church was erected in the beginning of the 11th century, after establishing the Krakow diocese in year 1000. The present temple was built in the first half of the XIV century, thanks to the funds of Wladyslaw Lokietek and Kazimierz the Great. The church was consecrated in year 1364. In the centre of the basilica lies a confessio and a silver reliquary of St. Stanislaw, a bishop and a martyr (1030-1079), one of the two most important patrons of Poland. Confessio is treated as the Altar of the Homeland. In the chambers below the cathedral, the tombs of national heroes, such as Tadeusz Kosciuszko, Adam Mickiewicz and Julisz Slowacki are located.

The crypt of St. Leonard, under the main nave of the cathedral, is one of the most beautiful Romanesque interiors in Poland. There, young priest Karol Wojtyla has conducted his first mass on the 1st of November 1946.

Visitors can see the cathedral but also the Sigismund's Bell, the Kings' Tombs and the Cathedral Museum.

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