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Felician Sisters' Church of Saint Mary's Immaculate Heart

The church, belonging to the Felician Sisters, was build in years 1882-1884 basing on the project of Feliks Ksiezarski. The church was intended as a place for the expatriate Felicians from the Russian part of Poland. Church was built in the Romanesque Revival style, with the tower decorated in crown, just as in the church on the Main Market Square. The tomb of the blessed mother Angela, the founder of the Felician Sisters is located within the church. The relics of Angela are displayed on the altar table. She founded the orphanage which grew rapidly. The date 21st of November 1855 is accepted as the date of founding of the Felician Sisters. It is the day when Angela began her holy service. The life of mother Angela was devoted to the franciscan idea of brotherly love. She was beatified by pope John Paul II on the 18th of April 1993 in Rome. The walls of the temple are decorated by paintings made by sister Kazimiera Tkacz, a Felician, which are supposed to imitate a polychromy.

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